College Development Committee   

Dr. V. Shankar

Chairperson of management

Mr. J . Santhanam

Secretary of the management

Prof. C. Radha Krishnan

Member from Education field

Mr. R. Sridhar

Member from Industry field

Mr. Abhishek Bhate


Prof. Vilas Choudhury

Dean Operations

Dr. Parag Amin

Dean Marketing

Dr. Nishi Kaul

Dean - Students Relation

Dr. Anup Palsokar

Chairperson MCA

Mrs. Bindu Alex

Non-teaching staff

Dr. Suhas Tambe

Co-ordinator, Internal quality Assurance Committee

Mr. Fahad Agha

FYPGDM - President of the College Students Council

Mr. Kaushal Iyer

FYPGDM - Secretary of the College Students Council

Dr. Bigyan Prakash Verma

Director Member Secretary