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Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy (POSH)
The institute has undertaken adequate measures for redressal of student grievances including sexual harassment and ragging cases.
Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Under the provisions of the law, the institute has constituted the committee for prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace in the year 2014. A member of an NGO also serves on this committee. The institute fosters a very healthy climate and gives women their due regard and respect. In the positive and conducive climate which exists at the institute, there have been no cases reported regarding sexual harassment.
Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment Members: Dr. A K Sen Gupta, Prof. C R Radhakrishnan, Prof. Sharmila M, Dr. Sarita K, Dr. Surekha D, Prof. K R Venkateshwaran, Ms. Soumya (NGO- Mangalam Foundation)
Anti- Ragging Committee
The institute has a duly constituted Anti-Ragging Committee which meets once every year. The anti-ragging committee and the anti-ragging squad have been very effectively been able to ensure that no ragging of students takes place.  Never in the history of the institute, has a single incident of ragging been reported on campus
Anti-Ragging Committee: Dr. A K Sen Gupta, Prof. C R Radhakrishnan, Dr. Suhas Tambe, Prof. Sharmila M, Mr. Anand (non-teaching), Mr. T P Krishnan (media representative), Ms. Soumya (NGO-Mangalam Foundation), Ms. Pushpalata Dighe (Police Officer), Dr. Mini Nampoothari (Parent), Suraj Kamath (Senior Student), Shreya Balakrisnan (Junior Student)
Grievance Redressal Committee
The students can bring all their grievances, academic as well as non-academic to the Grievance Redressal Committee which comprises of the Deans and Chairpersons.
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