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Stated Values of the Institute
Passion: Strive to instill a strong sense of passion in our students. A passion towards life at large and every act attached towards living a holistic and wholesome life
Trust: Endeavor to sustain faith and loyalty in all the decisions that govern the overall execution of tasks
Responsibility: Be sensitive to the Society around us and act responsibly and own up to our actions
Integrity: Conduct ourselves in a fair, honest and transparent manner
Gratitude: Have a sense of thankfulness and compassion towards the benevolence of life
Humility: Believe whatever heights one may reach in life, modesty and unassuming nature are the true hallmarks of a management professional
Excellence: Aim to be outstanding and brilliant in our work. We ensure that we continue to ensure perfection in all the tasks we undertake
Respect: Give due recognition to the identity of each individual we interact with and value their dignity, existenceand purpose of life
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