Knowledge Learning

Business Reading

With a view to encourage reading habits among students as well as sensitize them with surrounding events, a non-credit course for all first year students on “Business Reading” has been launched. The objective of the course is to familiarize students with global / domestic events and their possible implications on Indian businesses.

Idea Research

Under this initiative, students, under the guidance of faculty, organize themselves into dedicated research groups that aim to encourage new ideas and develop research culture and rigor amongst students. Idea Research helps to foster out of the box thinking. It helps students to learn the scientific method of research.

Foreign Language

In an increasingly globalized world, learning a foreign language is going to provide additional advantage to a manager as mobility of manpower across the globe is a commonplace phenomenon. Considering its importance, teaching of a foreign language on a compulsory basis has been introduced.


Simulated teaching methods are extensively used as the preferred mode of teaching learning process at SIESCOMS. We have developed a mock stock exchange to help the finance students understand the capital market.

Case Study

Case study is an integral part of the teaching methodology at SIESCOMS. In every course the 50 % of the curriculum is taught thorough case study.

Learning Through Social Interaction

NGO Project

SIESCOMS has since the year 2008, been sending the management students for the NGO internship program with a view to giving them hands-on exposure and experience which is essential in order to develop social sensitivity and responsiveness among students. This endeavour has two-pronged objective: a. Providing the students with a practical exposure as to how an NGO operates at ground level, and b. Helping the students in sharpening their skills to apply managerial principles, theories and paradigms in a social sector This is a 15 days intensive program, where each student is assigned to an NGO, and they work closely with them to understand the working and culture of these organizations.


Under the aegis of Sahyog, the management students undertake a number of activities designed to help the less privileged members of society while sensitizing the students to social issues. Over the last five years (2012-2017), the students have been involved in the following activities: • Joy of Giving Week – Students are involved in collecting clothes and other utilities for the needy. The effort helps in underlining message of caring and sharing for those who are the less privileged. • Awareness Activities – awareness regarding strokes, organ donation, blood donation, Diabetes, Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). • Environmental Awareness • Senior Citizens and Youth meet • NGO Products Mela – For the products made by the physically challenged people. • Independence Day, Republic Day and Flag disposal

NGO Conference/Seminar

With a view to creating a greater awareness among the student body, SIESCOMS has been organizing Conferences and Seminars on Corporate Social Responsibility. Faculty, Corporate, Students and members of the NGOs participate in these leading to a mutual understanding of issues and enrichment of thoughts. The conference proceedings are published and circulated to all stakeholders.

Students Trainers

The SIES Nerul campus houses the Ved Pathsahala where there are a number of students undergoing free training in the Vedas alongside their formal education. Many of these children come from poor families living in the hinterlands. As a consequence they are not well versed in computers and communication skills. In 2017, the students of SIESCOMS volunteered to train these students in communication skills and computers. The students as trainers got along famously with young school students resulting in a highly successful learning experience. This successful initiative is continued every years. The students also offer free advisory services to the needy NGOs. This is done under the auspices of the community services committee of the students. Several consulting assignments are being undertaken on a continuous basis.

Village Adoption

Under a very new initiative, SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS) as a part of Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR), has adopted the above village, about 3 months back. The overall objective has been to contribute positively for the development of the country through adopting at least one village in the vicinity. Since the core competence of SIESCOMS has been education & skill development, the efforts have been to focus on the same. Since the entire project is implemented through voluntary teams of students, this has also an agenda to develop management students into socially sensitive citizens.

Learning Through Corporate Interaction

Campus To Corporate Program

The work challenges today require various business skills that are not part of the curriculum. The college has introduced a specially designed program for management graduates, to help them make a smooth transition from the college campus to the corporate office. The program seeks to make the participants introspect; hone their corporate skills, gain knowledge and self-confidence.

Seminars And Conferences

The college actively takes initiatives to organize seminars with an objective to provide a special forum to present and discuss research paper. Such activities facilitate exchange of practice based knowledge among academicians, students and corporate professionals on a single platform in the domain of Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Systems and Corporate strategies.

Corporate Interaction Series

The college has a rich inflow of visiting faculty and guest Lecturers who are experts in the field of management subjects such as HR, finance and marketing. The experts share their rich industry experience and valuable industry knowledge with the students through special “corporate lecture series”. However, there is a need for some additional traits like entrepreneurship motivation, managing family issues along with business, specific legal aspects and so on. To cater to the above needs of the budding manager’s the college also organizes seminars and sessions where young entrepreneurs share their journey of success with the students and give them a better understanding of starting their own ventures.

Mentoring @ SIESCOMS

SIESCOMS firmly believes that the students can be guided to a better level of understanding through mentoring. Students are assigned mentors, who are professionals from the industry. The mentors meet the students on a periodic basis. They engage the students in discussions and dialogue to get an insight into their thought process which serves as an effective tool through which the mentors are able to guide the students in the right direction and satisfy their anxiety related to career decisions.

Project Based Learning

SLIP (Skill Linked Immersion Project)

The highlights of this program are-
•Identification of Skills Gap through faculty-Student Allocation
•Exploration & Selection of Specific Skill for development
•Rigorous Immersive Self Learning Process
•Caters to Industry specific Skill development as well which enhances employability.

Market Based Projects

The MBPs is a new initiative of SIESCOMS for the students of PGDM-Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Management .The objective of the MBPs is to enable the students to get a real-life exposure to the various pharmaceutical market dynamics early in their career during their learning days itself . This is done by assigning a group of students a project on a topic related to the pharmaceutical industry which is executed by them in a geographical territory. By virtue of the project the students are expected to meet & interact with the varied stakeholders within the pharmaceutical industry in a manner similar to the working professionals & in similar working conditions .Thus the MBP is an example of a simulation exercise which helps the students to get insights into the real- life working of the pharmaceutical marketing & sales business functions. Each MBP has two learning components : i] The “Science & Medicine” component and ii] The “Business” component .The designing of the MBP is done in such a way that the students are given the exposure to both of these components .

Internship Program

There is an exclusive internship program at the end of the first year. it is a first-hand unique opportunity to the students to actually relate all the classroom discussions and theoretical education with the practical corporate arena. Students work at the corporate work place on assigned project. the project sometimes can be a live project also. Sometimes they are integrated as a part of the corporate action team. Considered as a major stepping stone in their career, these summer internships also help students crystallize their future career path. the students who do well do sometimes also get pre-placement offers (PPO’s) from the same company.

Leadership Trait Development Program

SIESCOMS has always believed in a differentiating strategy so as to stand out from other B-schools. One such strategy is the Leadership Trait Development Program (LTDP) aimed at developing leadership traits through a structured intervention. The objective is to develop leaders, not mere managers, who can take control of and lead business organizations in turbulent times. Six leadership traits have been identified and the program aims to develop them through various activities that include experiential sharing exercises, outbound activities, leadership summits, seminars to inculcate individual & organizational integrity and probity, working with non-governmental organizations, among others. The participants are also expected to maintain a diary of their experiences that would help them reflect and assess themselves on various traits longitudinally at the end of two years. The curriculum also includes discussions on Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Self-Management. The six leadership traits identified for this purpose are character & integrity, charisma, influencing ability, ability to think differently with a long-term perspective, entrepreneurship, and ability to administer ideas into reality.

Experiential Learning

Management Games

The activity is organized by trained professionals outside the college campus where the students are encouraged to think “out of box”.

Industrial Visits

The students are taken to diverse industries to acquire knowledge of the prevalent practices which helps them to link the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom to the practical aspects of the industry.

Committee Work

Involvement of students in all activities of the institute has been a strategic initiative at SIESCOMS with a view to achieve the desired goal of moving towards excellence. There are thirteen student committees at the institute with clear cut goals and responsibilities. These are in the areas of Academic, Corporate Interaction, Events, Placement, Cultural and Sports, Idea Research, NGO and Sahyog, Alumni, Branding, Infrastructure, PR and Internet Branding.

Distinctive Features

Summative Viva

Summative vivas are held before the end term exams for the 1st and 2nd semester students. The objective is to increase academic rigor and make the students more employable. The vivas are based on a mixture of theoretical and practical concepts to test the knowledge and application of the subjects as well as the communication skills. This will help students in the preparation of their corporate voyage.

Binary Lab

The major objective of Binary Lab is to equip students with the information technology enabled practices in the operations specialization by using software’s such as SPSS, Minitab, TORA, Excel with Solver etc. Under this laboratory students are allowed to appear for the various certification programs like ITIL Certification, Lean Six Sigma – Yellow and Green Belt Certification, CAPM Certification under PMI, SAS Certification, CSCA (Certified Supply Chain Analyst) Certification etc. Till date our 20 students completed CAPM training,

Sap Course

Institute has a tie up with SAP University. This is an initiative wherein the students take up different SAP Modules and finally get through the SAP Certification. The unique feature of the program is that the course is made available to the students at 50% discount from the market price. The course also opens new job ventures for the students. This course is mandatory for all students of Operations.

Unique Offerings

Global Immersion Program (gIP)

This is a recent initiative launched at SIESCOMS to expose students to foreign environment, culture, language to a foreign country for a week or so for understanding its culture, people, economy, industrial development, and so on. This live exposure will help the students to broaden their global understanding and issues related thereto. This is an optional course and will be tried on an experimental basis. Besides helping the institute in its globalization process, this will also help the participating students to find better employment opportunities as all corporate today are looking for globally acceptable professionals. All participating students will be awarded a separate certificate of participation in the GIP. Under this project the students undertake a short duration education tour to a foreign country. 2018 was the 4th Consecutive year when a group of students went for an education tour to Singapore. Earlier three GIP’s conducted in the previous years were trip to Dubai (1st), Malaysia (2nd) and Dubai (3rd) Highlights of 4th Global Immersion Program (GIP) details of which are as under: Group of students along with the faculty went on educational visit to Singapore for 10 days (in the month of Oct 2018) which included- • Dell Singapore Campus Visit • State Bank of India – Singapore – Groups Interaction with Country Head • Singapore Stock Exchange • Master Class in Universities, (National University of Singapore, James Cook University, Nanyang Technological University & S P Jain University) • Visit to Gardens by the Bay is a premier horticultural attraction for local and international visitors • Tiger Brewery Tour • Tribe Theory Visit: • River Safari • Speaker session – Theme Global Manager • Retail Experiential Tour-at Mustafa Shopping Centre, Bugis Street Singapore Little India and other Singapore Shopping Mall. • Visit to Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple at Little India.

Yoga And Meditations

Yoga and Meditation SIESCOMS believes in inculcation of Indian values and beliefs along with learning western management thoughts and paradigms. This is expected to bring out the best in the management students in the Indian context. The academic complex of SIES has a meditation center built in the midst of serenity and natural beauty. A one-week Yoga program is mandatory for all first year students. Similarly, everyday each class begins with meditation of 5 minutes.

Enterpreneurial Intent

Startup Saturdays

EDC (Entrepreneurship development cell) was also able to forge a partnership with Head-start which is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and full time professionals who create and promote the innovation and entrepreneurship eco system in India. Through this partnership SIESCOMS’ EDC hosts the “start-up Saturdays” an event organized by SIESCOM’S Entrepreneurship Club in association with Head-start on 2nd Saturday of every month. This events provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Investors, and successful Entrepreneurs to interact with each other, present success/failure stories, exchange ideas and views, Seek investment and feedbacks, Network, etc. The intent is to help the students in their endeavor of entrepreneurship and guiding them through the initial few months of establishment.

Incubation Center

Incubation center Amidst the presence of some distinct senior Alumni, Faculty member & students SIESCOMS inaugurated the incubation center on 30th April 2016 The center comprises of faculty, alumni and students of SIESCOMS, mentors and service providers from the industry who will span a variety of functional areas, sectoral domains and geographies .The members are passionately committed to helping disruptive innovations so that aspiring entrepreneurs succeed commercially. It takes more than just early stage risk-capital to get a company off the ground, for which we will enable most of what may be required by entrepreneurs through funding, incubation, mentoring, training, knowledge dissemination and best practice research. SIESCOMS has a MOU with E-Cell of IIT Mumbai to help us run the incubation center effectively and efficiently.