PGDM Pharmaceutical Management (PGDM PM)   

PGDM (Pharmaceutical Management)


SIESCOMS is the pioneer to initiate a course on Pharmaceutical Management based on an understanding of the Pharmaceutical industry’s need for skilled and competent professionals.


The Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management was started in 1997 in collaboration with the Indian Drug Manufacturers Association (IDMA). It is a 24 –month full time AICTE approved program catering to the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry, and offers education on industry specific subjects like Pharmaceutics, Physiology, GMP, Pharma Marketing (including Product Management, Brand Building, New Project Launch and Sales Force Management), IPR, Drug Regulation, International Marketing in addition to General Management. SIESCOMS is the pioneer to recognize the Pharma industry's need for skilled and competent professionals in the knowledge economy.


The program aims at meeting Pharma industry’s demands for professionals who are well equipped to take on the challenges of business in the knowledge economy and developing marketing and other professionals in different functional areas who have insight into the market place and are aware of global trends.


This program is slowly ushering into the entire healthcare industry on a holistic basis and catering to the needs of CROs, CRTOs, underwriting ,and so on. International marketing is the other emerging focus.


Program Mission: Imparting Quality and holistic education for developing Business Managers for Pharmaceutical & allied healthcare sectors



  • First program of its kind in India
  • Program catering to the managerial needs of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Program originally designed in collaboration with IDMA
  • State of the art syllabus upgraded every year through a panel of experts
  • Foundation module at the beginning of the program (convergence module)
  • Several pharmaceutical industry specific subjects throughout the program like, physiology & pharmacology, drug dosage forms, intellectual property rights, pharma business environment, clinical research, FDA, international business and marketing, etc.
  • Very high corporate integration in terms of teaching and concurrent projects
  • Leadership trait development program (soft skill oriented inputs)
  • Foreign language (Business German) as the optional subject
  • Personality development programs
  • Yoga & Meditation programs
  • Outstanding track record of placement (both summer as well as final)
  • Students to constantly undertake research activity to sharpen analytical skills