Policy For Infrastructure Maintenance   

Computer Laboratory:

  1. It will be the primary responsibility of the System Administrator to ensure that all computer installations including hardware, software, servers, Wi-Fi system, are kept in perfect working condition with down-time being kept to the minimum so that consumers (mainly students & faculty) are not inconvenienced. Adequate plug points are provided throughout the campus enabling the students to charge their laptops.
  2. System Administrator to keep in touch with SIES Chief Information Officer (SIES-CIO) for any trouble shooting.
  3. System Administrator is also required to ensure that only licensed versions are kept and installation of any type of pirated version (by any users like students, etc.) is not permitted under any circumstances. The System Administrators is also required to renew the licenses in discussion with the SIES-CIO.
  4. An entry register needs to be maintained at each computer lab so that the entry is restricted and monitored.
  5. Log in details are to be maintained for any issue / problem that might arise in future.
  6. The System Administrator is required to ensure that both the computers and all other hardware are phased out and replaced with new ones in sequence by providing for it in the capital budget.
  7. Blocking of the undesirable sites / chats is a must. System Administrator is required to ensure the same.
  8. The computer staffs are required to ensure that all computers / other equipment are maintained in the manner that helps to keep them in best of state.
  9. System Administrator is required to develop a disaster management system through the data copy of the important files in periodic intervals of not exceeding a week in soft format and keeping them away from the computer lab.
  10. CCTVs to be installed at vital points within and outside the computer lab to ensure proper monitoring.

Library Resources:

  1. It will be the duty of the Librarian and other library staff to ensure discipline within the library including upkeep of the library resources including books, journals, other reports, etc.
  2. CCTVs to be installed at vital points within and outside the library to ensure proper monitoring.
  3. Proper anti-pesticide treatment should be done at periodic intervals to maintain the books and other resources in the right condition.
  4. The old books should be weeded away and replaced with new books. This shall be the primary responsibility of the Librarian.
  5. The library committee should be formed to ensure new books / other resources are purchased in accordance with needs / requirement of all stakeholders.
  6. The maintenance of the library premises is an extremely important issue as books are kept there and the library staff should ensure that it is protected from pilferage, rains, moisture, etc.
  7. The library should maintain an entry register to monitor the entry of users.
  8. No one should be allowed to enter the library without a valid library / identity card.
  9. No one should be allowed to enter library with bags, etc. in order to avoid loss of library books.
  10. No food and other items are allowed inside library.
  11. One of the main responsibilities of the Librarian is to ensure that stock taking of all library books is done once a year and the report is shown to the authorities at the institute so that the the magnitude of the loss compared to the prescribed guidelines can be assessed and required corrective steps can be taken.

Classrooms and Other Physical Resources within the Institute:

  1. A staff member of the institute is specifically assigned the responsibility to ensure that all assets in the classrooms / office / other places within the campus are maintained properly. These include writing boards, benches & chairs, air-conditioners, LCDs, etc.
  2. It is the responsibility of this staff to take periodic round and to ensure that all assets mentioned above are kept in the right condition.
  3. If any asset requires repair / any change, he / she is required to get in touch with the central purchase department through raising a work order (within the approved budget) and get the needful done.
  4. The estate staff is required to work in close coordination with the Registrar, and Deputy Director and responsible for unforeseen trouble shooting as well.
  5. The duty of the estate staff also includes replacement of old assets in phases, getting the other consumable like pens, sketch pens, dusters, etc. replenished after looking into the stock.

General Campus Maintenance:

The general campus maintenance is vested with outsourced agencies. There are two agencies as under:

  1. Agency for Cleanliness of the entire campus including the institutes and their classrooms, other facilities and also for other areas including opens space, parking lots, playground, gymnasium, mediation hall and other facilities in the campus.
  2. Security Agency which is responsible for all types of security issues for the entire campus round the clock.

There is an Estate Department at the Nerul campus of SIES that is headed by Director Administration and an Estate Manager who is responsible for the aspects mentioned above.