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Leadership trait development program
SIESCOMS has always believed in a differentiating strategy so as to stand out from other B-schools. One such strategy is the Leadership Trait Development Program (LTDP) aimed at developing leadership traits through a structured intervention. The objective is to develop leaders, not mere managers, who can take control of and lead business organizations in turbulent times. Six leadership traits have been identified and the program aims to develop them through various activities that include experiential sharing exercises, outbound activities, leadership summits, seminars to inculcate individual & organizational integrity and probity, working with non-governmental organizations, among others. The participants are also expected to maintain a diary of their experiences that would help them reflect and assess themselves on various traits longitudinally at the end of two years. The curriculum also includes discussions on Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Self-Management. The six leadership traits identified for this purpose are character & integrity, charisma, influencing ability, ability to think differently with a long-term perspective, entrepreneurship, and ability to administer ideas into reality.


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