Placement @ SIESCOMS   

Greetings from SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS).

The universe of B-schools in India has more than 5000 colleges & Institutions and SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS) is one of the premium Institute with a difference.

Being a part of the South Indian Education Society (SIES) which is one of the oldest and premier educational trusts in the city of Mumbai, SIESCOMS is actively engaged in creating not only corporate professionals but also responsive and responsible citizens, who can be proud citizens of an India of tomorrow. Competence and Character are the two basic competencies that SIESCOMS tries to inculcate amongst all its students through its various Post-Graduate Management as well as Technical Programs.

The institute has a strong belief in the axiom, that, it is not only the physical infrastructure and ambience, but presence of conducive intellectual and supporting climate, what should be at the core of any educational institution. The culture at SIESCOMS is, therefore, more like an extended family rather than a classical hierarchical set-up, with a large pool of faculty having experience both from academics as well as corporate, a good quality of students, well-laid systems & processes that include a mix of Indian culture and modern techniques / tools. SIESCOMS is consistently rated as one of the best business schools from the perspective of students, corporate recruiters as well as the larger community in which the institute operates.

The programs offered by the institute are aimed at creating not only managers but leaders for corporate sector in India. In this highly global environment, SIESCOMS still boasts of the students, who believe in Indian values and ethos while being equipped with latest management theories & practices.

We are indeed grateful to a large number of corporate who have always supported us in our journey by being a part of our placement process. We look forward to their continued support and we can assure them our students will not disappoint them.