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Idea Research
Idea research is research essentially driven by students. It is a new initiative by the institute. The objective of this endeavor is to inculcate and develop research culture and rigor amongst our students right from the beginning through encouraging student-centric research. The research undertaken under this initiative would essentially be short-term, impact-based, yet simple. The objective is also to encourage a mutually symbiotic relationship between corporate and student community at SIESCOMS through a targeted dissemination of research outcomes.
Research Abstracts (2007)
Coffee Drinking Habits of Indian Consumers
CDM : Debit carbon to Credit Opportunities
Sahakari Bhandar and Reliance Retail Tie-up
Mobile Marketing : The Future of Marketing or Just Hype
Current Trends In project Finance for the Road Sector in India
FMCG Occupancy In Medical Stores
Microfinance In India : Challenges And Oppurtunities
Research Abstracts (2008)
A Study on Consumer Rights Awareness among the Youth
Apparel Merchandising in Retail Sector
Benchmarking Medical Representatives in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Changes in the Policy Framework of Indian Economy - Pre and Post Liberalization
Commercialization of Biodiesel
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics Corporate Remuneration
Emerging Opportunities of Herbal Medicines in Healthcare
Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility with Business Process
Knowledge Process Outsourcing in India
Operational Issues faced by the MFI's
Pester Power Is a Buyers Decision Persuaded
Poverty In the Face of Human Development : Are Urban Poor Really Poor?
Social Entrepreneurship Journey towards Bridging the Social Divide
Statistical Perspective of Microfinance in India
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