NGO Internships   

SIESCOMS has since the year 2008, been sending the management students for a one week NGO internship program with a view to giving them hands-on exposure and experience which is essential in order to develop social sensitivity and responsiveness among students. This endeavour has two-pronged objective: a. Providing the students with a practical exposure as to how an NGO operates at ground level, and b. Helping the students in sharpening their skills to apply managerial principles, theories and paradigms in a social sector. This exposure also helps the management students to become sensitive to social / economic concerns and helps them to become socially responsible managers even when they work with profit organizations. Some of the NGOs that were involved in this internship program in recent times include names like Mimaansa, Alert India, P.A.W.S., Umang Foundation, Enviro-vigil, Swami Bramhanand School for special children, etc. These NGOs are all working for various social causes which include adult education, training dyslexic kids, rehabilitation of Cancer and AIDS patients, re-treating bio-medical waste, teaching mentally challenged kids, rehabilitation of stray animals, etc. The students work closely with these organizations and the work done by the students are highly appreciated by many of the NGOs. This exercise has been a very successful endeavour.